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Environmental Programmes

SHARE offers a range of Environmental Programmes for all ages starting from 4 year olds to adults!
Programmes can be tailor made to suit the groups needs.
Courses can last from 1 day to a 5 day residential.   
See below for the menu of activities that we offer!

Primary Eco-school Workshops 

Programme Outline 


Carbon workshop.
Workshops with a focus on Climate change and renewable energies. Fun and interactive sessions that are 
complimentary to the  national curriculum and relevant to the students’ everyday lives. As an integral part 
of the workshop your students will go on a guided tour of our Reed-Bed sewage system and see how 
our wood-pellet boilers, wind turbines and solar panels all work. Inspiring discussion of the pros and cons of energy efficiency.
Reed - Bed

Kingfisher Wildlife paddle.
An adventurous paddle on the tranquil and wildlife diverse Lough Erne canoe trail. Your students will 
learn basic navigation skills while negotiating the maze of islands on the Upper Lough, learning about 
and photographing the local biodiversity on the way.

Navigation Skills

Paddling around the islands


Fossil Hunt
Lough Erne is rich with many different fossils. 330 million years ago Ireland was covered by a tropical sea.  
When exploring the islands it is not uncommon to find various fossils on the shore line.  
Why not come on a paddle and use your detective skills to search for preserved shells, corals and crinoids?

Camp + Bushcraft
Ray Mears eat your heart out! Learn various wilderness skills, take a trip on the Lough Erne Canoe Trail 
and spend a night in the Trannish Island Bothy.
 Leave No Trace

The Leave No Trace programme is designed to help young people value the natural environment,
 to understand the impact of their activities, and to enable them to make decisions to minise that impact
while still enjoying their activities with freedom. The programme is based around 7 Princilples: 1- Plan 
Ahead & Prepare, 2- Be Considerate of Others, 3- Respect Farm Animals & Wildlife, 4- Travel and Camp
on Durable Ground, 5- Leave What you Find, 6- Dispose of Waste Properly, 7- Minimise the Effects of Fire

Learn the principles of leave no trace, take only photographs, leave only footprints.

Leave No Trace PDF      Leave No Trace Website 
Sample Residential Programmes 

5 Day Environmental
Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Arrive 12pm
Carbon Workshop Team Challenge

Tuesday Film Making Kingfisher
Wildlife Paddle
Overnight Conoeing 
Expedition with BushCraft 
& Survival Skills
Wednesday Sailing Trip to Marble Arch Caves Pool Session

Video and Premier of Film
Thursday Leave No Trace Workshop Banana Skiing BBQ & DVD

  Friday                                Climbing & Archery                 Depart                                                                                

3 Day Residential
           3 Day Residential                         Morning                    Afternoon                                            Evening             
Day 1 Arrive 12pm
Carbon Workshop Team Challenge

Day 2 Trip to Marble Arch Caves Kingfisher
Wildlife Paddle

Overnight Canoeing
Expedition with BushCraft
& Survival Skills
Day 3 Climbing & Archery Depart after Lunch  

For more information on Environmental Programmes contact Catherine on 00 44 (0) 28 67722122 or email