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School Trips at Share Discovery Village

Share Discovery Village has been providing fun primary and secondary school trips since opening its doors in 1981. 

We believe that it is essential to encourage learning outside the classroom and away from home so that kids learn how to be independent, confident and develop new skills.

Share Discovery Village, the largest residential activity centre in Northern Ireland, is a registered charity whose ethos is to provide inclusive and accessible facilities for all people, in County Fermanagh and further afield.

Our bespoke school tours and trips are suitable for groups of all abilities, ages and sizes on our fully-accessible estate. We tailor each of our school trips to suit the needs of our visitors, so whether you are looking for a high-octane day out on the water park or more relaxed and fun team-games, we will ensure that your group is getting exactly what you want out of your trip.

With 30+ fun activities to choose from on both water and land, we have something to please every group’s particular tastes or needs.

School Trips Northern Ireland | Share Discovery Village

Programme for Schools 2023/2024

Residential School Trips

Overnight school tours are our speciality at Share Discovery Village. The experience of a holiday away with school friends while learning a variety of new skills can have a monumental effect on a young person for the rest of their life.

Increased confidence, independence and social skills are some of the many areas that young people develop on their school trips. In our Primary School Residential Trip Guide, we go into great detail on the benefits of a trip away from home.

With room to sleep up to 220 people on-site in our hostel-style Farmhouse or chalet accommodation, Share Discovery Village is the ideal venue for large school trips.

Head over to our group residentials page for sample programmes and information on all the different types of overnight trips that we can cover.

School Day Trips

The school year can be hectic and sometimes an overnight break is difficult to fit in. Not to worry, we can offer 1-day school trips and school tours that can provide a lot of the same benefits as a residential.

A day full of laughter, exciting activities and fresh air can do wonders for a young person’s personal development and we will tailor a programme specifically for you.

The standard layout of a school day trip would include 2 thrilling activities of choice and a tasty meal at lunchtime.

Example Schedule:

9.30 am: Arrive at Share Discovery Village
10 am: Water Activity – Canoeing (2 hours)
12.30 pm: Lunch
13.00 pm: Land Activity – Laser Tag (2 hours)
15.30 pm: Depart

If you wish to organise a 1-day school trip contact our bookings team who will slot you in and get a quote sorted for your specific programme. 

Once booked in, one of our highly experienced outdoor coordinators will contact you with more details about how your day adventure will unfold.

Book Your School Tour at Share

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact or call +44(0) 28 6772 2122 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


We have our own fantastic in-house chefs who cook lunch for schools who are visiting on a day trip. Lunch is cooked as requested by the school and all dietary requirements are taken into consideration before arrival.

Schools can also decide to bring their own packed lunch and we can provide facilities where pupils can sit down to eat.

Residential school trips for primary and secondary schools will enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper in our canteen, prepared by our cooks.

Each of our school trips is tailored to the needs of your group. A short, half-day trip with one 2 hour activity can cost as little as £15pp depending on the number of pupils and the activities selected. 

A full day with a variety of activities and lunch can amount to £36pp, again dependent on activities and numbers.

Primary and secondary school residentials prices vary depending on the time of year and number of days that the school is staying. Please email for a personalised quote. 

We ensure that all of our school trip activities are safe by regularly reviewing equipment quality, staff training and risk assessments.

All of our activities are led by highly-qualified and experienced instructors who ensure the safety of our visitors at all times. All necessary safety equipment is worn at all times and a full safety briefing takes place before each activity.

Disclaimers are always signed before anyone takes part in activities on a school trip so that staff are aware of any medical issues beforehand and also so that teachers/leaders are aware of the potential risks that there can be with any activity.

Share Discovery Village can provide accommodation for 166+ people between our chalets and hostel-style Farmhouse accommodation.

Each of the bedrooms is multi-bedded with 4 single bunk beds in each room. Each of the rooms is fully accessible for those with disabilities and are en-suite with wetrooms.

Girls and boys are split up and put in different chalets or bedrooms in the Farmhouse. Each chalet and floor in the Farmhouse have bedrooms for teachers/leaders to supervise during the night.

Post-COVID-19, we have been offering single/double occupancy rooms to encourage social-distancing. We can edit room allocation on request.

Yes. Young people are on a very busy activity schedule so it will not be possible to contact them directly, so the point of contact is via our office on 028 6772 2122.

A message will be passed on to the coordinator immediately. We appreciate that parents or guardians may need to contact young people in the case of an emergency or to check on their welfare so we will communicate swiftly with you and our staff.

We have taken every possible step to ensure the safety of our visitors, staff and the public since COVID-19:

  • Reduced capacity bedrooms when requested (single or double occupancy)
  • Sanitizer stations throughout the site.
  • Screens, signs and stickers placed throughout the site to encourage social distancing.
  • Regular and thorough deep cleaning of all equipment and bedrooms.
  • Regular staff training to ensure all staff are aware of how to safely work with visitors and that they are up to date with all new government guidelines.
  • Reduced touchpoints throughout the site such as vending machines.

Any other queries about safety measures, please contact our Head of Operations on

School Trips Northern Ireland | Share Discovery Village

Contact our bookings team on with some information about your group and contact details. We will swiftly contact you with more information about what we can offer your school group.

School Trips Northern Ireland | Share Discovery Village

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