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Creating art can be beneficial throughout all stages of life. The creative process relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, boosts self-esteem, and provides a sense of accomplishment. SHARE offers a diverse portfolio of art activities enabling visitors to experience numerous visual, creative and performing arts. SHARE has a proven pedigree in running art activities, since its establishment in 1981, SHARE has been welcoming groups of all types, sizes and abilities to participate in fun, safe activities.

Here is what we have to offer at SHARE Discovery Village:

Arts Arena

Yes, we really do have our own Arts Arena! Our purpose-built arts activities arena, which is packed with a wide range of audiovisual and theatre equipment, is suitable for large resource groups who wish to run their own independent art programmes. The arena is the place where the majority of the arts activities take place and is usually the busiest building at SHARE Discovery Village. The arts activities arena is run by our very own Arts Team who design art programmes specific to your needs. Experienced and enthusiastic, the art activities team are available to advise and assist with all aspects of the arena. The SHARE Arts team recognises the ability of the arts to make an important contribution to sustaining social, cultural and educational activities in any region and so, by extension, improve quality of life and well being.

Art Activities


If you are interested in all things movies- you will be in your element with this filmmaking activity at SHARE Discovery Village. One of our most popular art activities, this is an activity you will not want to miss out on. Your group will have tonnes of fun using our state of the art editing technology. You can create a movie, documentary, advertisement or short story. Our highly trained staff will show you how to script, direct and film your masterpiece, and then how to edit it together. Not to mention our very own green screen! This allows you to edit your backdrop to whatever you want- just like in the movies! Filmmaking is suitable for both children and adults and normally lasts 2.5 hours. Our sales team will be able to advise on perfect packages to suit you and your group’s needs.

Tshirt Painting

T-Shirt Painting is another firm art activities favourite here at SHARE! Show your creative side as you create a t-shirt shaped masterpiece. Our staff will show you cool art techniques and help you to create a funky t-shirt which you can take home at the end of the session. This is an activity that is perfect for team bonding, corporate days out and birthday parties.

Circus Skills

This is one of the most popular art activities at the Arts Arena as it is such a unique activity. When are you ever going to get the opportunity to practice circus skills again? From juggling to diablo, this is an activity that will really get your creative side flowing. Suitable for both children and adults- this is perfect for a memorable family activity.


Mosaics is a very special art activities session that we offer. At Share Discovery Village it is only available as a full day activity or as part of a residential stay at SHARE. This is an activity that will unlock your love for arts and crafts and provide you with some relaxation. An added extra is that you will have your own mosaic memento to take home to remember this amazing experience.

Mod Roc

Are you ready to sculpt your very own masterpiece? This art activity needs plaster of parts, lots of water, some paint and a whole heap of artist flair to create 3D art pieces. You can create whatever you want, from your favourite TV characters to your favourite animal! Suitable for both children and adults, this is a great group activity. 

art activities Paint Station at Caravan Park

For more information about our art activities please don’t hesitate to contact or call 02867722122 between 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. Flexibility is our strength and we will endeavour to meet your group’s needs to ensure you have a fantastic experience with us!

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