Benefits of Winter Residentials for Schools & Youth Groups

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A winter residential isn’t always the first idea to come to mind when the youth group/school trip planning commences.

But what if we told you that there are a huge number of benefits to be taken from having a winter school trip?

Wouldn’t it be great to reap the rewards from your residential trip throughout the school year?

Using the fantastic research from Learning Away and from our own 40 years of experience, we have compiled a detailed list of benefits of winter residentials that should help you with your planning.

The Benefits of a Winter Residential Trip

– Improved Wellbeing and Resilience of Participants

By being pushed to try and learn new things in a different environment, kids self-belief, confidence, resilience and wellbeing will all be greatly improved.

Learning something new and being taken out of your comfort zone on a residential trip in winter can lead to students pushing themselves to participate and better themselves in the classroom. Can you imagine how great that would be for the rest of the school year?

87% of secondary students felt more confident to try new things after a residential – Learning Away

– Better Engagement in the Classroom

Behaviour, attendance and engagement in the classroom with learning can be greatly enhanced after a residential as they will be encouraged to participate and learn in a fun way throughout.

A winter residential can instil a passion for learning amongst kids which will benefit them, their teachers and guardians throughout the year.

72% of primary pupils said that their behaviour at school is better after a residential and 71% of secondary pupils felt more strongly motivated to learn – Learning Away

– Embed Learning back in School

Winter Residentials allows teachers to be able to embed the learning and development from the trip back in school. Students progress can then be greatly enhanced throughout the year before moving on to their new school.

77% of pupils said the way they were taught on the residential will help them do better in the subject in question – Learning Away

– Better Relationships between Staff and Students

Deeper relationships are created between students and staff during residentials and this can be sustained throughout the school year. 

A teacher that gets to know their student better earlier in the year will know how to motivate and interact with the student better in order to set them up for success. Trust and respect can be gained by the teacher which will help increase engagement levels.

Students will get the opportunity to see staff members outside of the classroom taking part in activities which will show a more personal and relatable side to them. This can help staff members become more approachable and trustworthy.

79% of primary pupils said they know their teacher better as a result of their residential and 84% of secondary students said they get on better with others in their class – Learning Away

– Discover New Learning Opportunities

The longer nights and shorter days offer new learning opportunities on an outdoor residential. Activities such as nightline, which encourages good communication, or star-gazing are really fun to try.  

The beginning of the school year is also a great time of year to kick start key subjects with inspiring hands-on learning indoors. Activities such as arts and crafts and the creative arts, such as film-making, can help develop a passion for subjects such as Art and English which can be built upon the rest of the year.

– Discounted Prices in Winter

Winter Residential Trips can have a much better return on investment due to a lot of residential centres offering discounted prices during their shoulder seasons.

A school residential at Share Discovery Village during Autumn or Winter costs as little as £80pp for 2 days. This includes accommodation, all meals from lunch on day 1 to lunch on the day of departure and morning and evening activities also included.

– More Focused Guidance

During winter, most residential centres are quieter than they are in their busy periods in Spring and Summer and this can lead to groups getting more focused, personal attention and guidance from leaders.

A lot of residential groups that come to Share Discovery Village, such as Adam’s Camp NI, enjoy having the centre to themselves due to the needs of their members and this is easier to allocate in wintertime.

Winter Residentials at Share Discovery Village

Winter Residential Trips at Share Discovery Village

We are hugely fortunate to have a modern, custom-built Arts Arena that is perfect for indoor activities during the colder, winter months.

The large Sports Hall, Arts and Crafts room, Dance Studio, Lounge’s (x2), Pottery Room, Indoor Climbing Wall and Shanaghy Room (ideal for learning and team games), make our centre an ideal venue for a winter school trip. All these rooms can be turned into brilliant meeting rooms or classrooms.

Winter Residential Activities

Not to mention the fully-accessible leisure suite with a heated swimming pool that can be made available for residential groups as an additional indoor activity.

indoor water sports ireland

If you are thinking of organising a trip for a primary school, be sure to check out our guide to Primary School Residentials that includes everything you need to know.

Winter Residential Activities:

The vast majority of our 30+ activities on land and water are still available during winter. 

That includes land activities such as climbing, archery and orienteering, water activities such as canoeing and sailing and arts activities such as t-shirt painting, mod roc design and mosaics.

Some of the water sports are weather dependant during this period such as Banana Boating and Stand Up Paddleboarding, but if the weather is safe, we will run dry sessions on canoes and sailboats while having you well wrapped up in wet suits and gloves so that you can enjoy the stunning Lakeland views of Upper Lough Erne on your school adventure trip.

There are a lot of health benefits gained from outdoor activities so when the weather permits during the winter months, we will ensure to have activities planned in the outdoors.

Fun Activities for Teens - Sailing

Check out our blog on How to Pack for a School Trip which will help you prepare for your young one’s trip.

How to Book:

Feel free to contact our bookings team for more information on residentials for groups of all ages and sizes at any time of the year.

You can see now that a school or youth group residential doesn’t have to be an end of year trip to say goodbyes – the benefits can be reaped throughout the year if it takes place in winter.

Other Winter Activity Ideas:

Share Discovery Village is open all year round and provides a variety of Winter Birthday Ideas and Indoor Activities for Kids.

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