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SHARE Discovery Village has many water activities activities for you to enjoy. From adrenaline-pumping activities to exploring the Upper Lough Erne, we have it all! The Share Discovery Water Park is the only one of its kind in Fermanagh. You can make a splash in Upper Lough Erne’s largest Water Park… in fact, it is the largest Water Park in Co. Fermanagh. 

At the SHARE Discovery Village Water Park we promise fun, excitement, challenge. With our variety of obstacles such as the Rock Slide, Side Kick, Bridge and Wiggle Bridge. 

Our water park isn’t the only water activity you can enjoy at SHARE Discovery Village.

For the thrill-seekers

If you love to go out and get adventurous then we have the perfect water sports activities for you! 

At Share Discovery Village you can hop on our inflatable Banana Boat for an adrenaline-filled activity with your group and enjoy the ride! Banana Boating is offered to summer day visitors as a 30-minute session for a max of 8 people for £55. The Banana holds a maximum of 6 people. If there are more than six people the instructor will return to the jetty and swap the people on the Banana. 

The Big Mable is a more sturdy option than the banana boat but will still get your adrenaline going! Big Mable has been designed to be sturdy and ideal for thrill-seekers and is accessible for guests who may have a physical disability to take part at our water park.

Once you are on Big Mable get ready for the ride of your life on the breathtaking Upper Lough Erne! You will have to hold on tight as you are being pulled through the water by a high-powered speed boat. 

The newest addition to our activity centre is the Spinera! If you are looking for speed, we’ve got it! The Spinera gives you both speed and thrill with its fast pace across the water and to add to that it spins! Get ready for the ride of your life on the breathtaking Upper Lough Erne! You will have to hold on tight as you are being pulled through the water by a high-powered speed boat or else you are going to get very wet! 

…. don’t forget to hold on tight!

Girls canoeing on Lough Erne
Girls Canoeing on Upper Lough Erne

Relaxing water sports

Not everyone likes to get their adrenaline going in the water, our water park has something for everyone!

Take a trip in our canoes. If you are looking for somewhere in NI to go canoeing then look no further than SHARE Discovery Village. Canoeing in Fermanagh allows you to explore Upper Lough Erne in all its beauty. This water sports activity is suitable for both children and adults and you can combine canoeing with another water sports activity of your choice. 

Another fantastic water sports activity that allows you to explore Fermanaghs’ beautiful sites is Kayaking! The activity is a popular one for big groups so get a group together and allow all your friends to join in on this fun water sports activity at SHARE. During a single session, you’ll get a chance to explore Upper Lough Erne and maybe visit one of the many mystic islands!

A very popular water sport that you can do at our Fermanagh water park is Paddleboarding! Or more specifically, Stand Up Paddleboarding. This water sports activity is a hybrid sport of surfing that allows you to explore the Upper Lough Erne in Co. Fermanagh. Not only is it a fantastic water sport for exploring, but it is also a great exercise as you get a great workout for your arms and core.


Our water sports activity bookings open in the Spring but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your future trip! Take the challenge and have a look at all of the amazing water sports we have to offer for next year.

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