The Essentials for the Perfect Camping Trip

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Is there a better way to enjoy some family/friend time than a camping trip? Time spent away in the stunning surroundings of Upper Lough Erne is what Share Discovery Village can provide. Our campsite offers a safe and fun-filled environment for campers. Although camping is an enjoyable experience, it is always a struggle to remember all the essentials. A checklist of the essentials is a good way to make sure you don’t forget anything!

Essentials for the perfect camping experience

The Tent

Obviously, this is the most important item of the camping trip but yet it is still forgotten. A blackout tent that doesn’t leak is the best option when choosing a tent. Another important factor to remember is to get a tent one person bigger than the number of people sleeping in it. A standing-height tent is also recommended- there is nothing worse than sleeping in a cramped tent!

Sleeping Gear

When packing your tent, why not include a sleeping mat to add extra comfort to your stay? If you want to go all out, try a self-inflating, memory foam mat. For those who want a more typical camping experience, you’ll need all the standard stuff. Pillow, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner and extra blankets for when the temperature drops at night time.

At SHARE Discovery Village, there is an on-site takeaway, however, it is still important to remember your cooking items to get the true camping experience. For those looking to make the most basic of meals and also a cup of tea or two, the absolute basic essential items you are going to need are as follows:

  • Portable cooking stove (with gas canisters too)
  • Mess tins and cutlery
  • Kettle and mugs
  • One pan
  • Chopping knives
  • Plus sponge and detergent to wash it all up!


This is the most common thing forgotten when packing for camping trips. Many campers rely on their phones but sometimes, they aren’t as reliable as we think. A head torch can really come in handy for keeping in your tent and for navigating your way around the campsite. A power bank charger is also beneficial to ensure your phone doesn’t run out of charge and extra batteries for your torch.

A Quick Drying Towel

They’re lightweight, compact and as the name suggests, quick-drying. Making them the perfect bit of gear to take camping with you. These will be useful when diving in and out of the Lough Erne.

A First Aid Kit

You never know what may crop up when you go camping, so it’s always best to be prepared. A camping first aid kit can handle the likes of blisters, splinters and other small scratches and cuts. Plus the scissors that are provided may come in handy during your camping trip too.

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Camping at SHARE Discovery Village

Camping doesn’t get much more exciting than at Share Discovery Village! We are also one of the very rare campsites in Ireland that boasts a swimming pool with a sauna and steam room. Our family campsite is open from April to October and is the perfect venue for any family or group looking for a fun, safe and active holiday.  Located only meters from our indoor leisure suite and lakeshore, our site offers a home from home for thrill-seekers and those who want to relax and unwind alike. 

Don’t forget that SHARE Discovery Village also offers a fantastic variety of affordable, family and large group accommodation in Fermanagh. This includes self-catered, group residential accommodation, a 3-star Caravan park and a stay on Trannish Island Bothy!

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