Film Making

Film Making at Share Discovery Village

Are you a creative director or a budding actor? Ready for your big break? Then get to Share Discovery Village for our fantastic Film Making activities where you can hone your skills to become the next Steven Spielberg!

Film Making at SHARE is one of our favourite activities! Your group will have tonnes of fun using our state of the art iPad’s and mac editing technology to create a movie, documentary, advertisement or short story. Our highly trained staff will show you how to script, direct and film your masterpiece, and then how to edit it together.

We have lots of props and a green screen for you to use too! You and your friends can dress up as pirates, your favourite animals, olden times people and so much more while making your masterpiece.

The green screen is a fantastic tool that we use so that anyone can edit the backdrop of their film to whatever they like – just like in the movies!

Film Making is suitable for both children and adults and normally last 2.5 hours. Our sales team will be able to advise on perfect packages to suit you and your groups needs. It can be booked as a day activity or as part of a residential stay at SHARE.

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