Orienteering at Share Discovery Village

Orienteering is a fun way to explore our SHARE site! While taking part in this classic land activity, you will learn how good your map reading skills are as well as getting to take in all the natural beauty on our lakeside estate.

Before you take off around our orienteering course, our highly trained staff will firstly teach you how to effectively read a map! Throughout Share Discovery Village’s estate there are a number of control points which you will have to locate by following your map.

This outdoors activity is not only fun but it is also educational and good for your fitness as you have to do quite a bit of walking to reach all the points. Your trek to get to all the points will take you to places such as our arts arena, the combat corps arena in the forest, down to the beach, across the campsite and along the lakeside.

We also offer picture orienteering where your group have a sheet with photo’s of certain landmarks at SHARE that you then have to find.

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