Job Application Form

Guidance Sheet 
Please read through the following guidelines that will help you complete the application form.

  • Complete all sections of the form.
  • Make sure the form is tidy and try to avoid mistakes by writing out a version first to make sure you are happy with the information you are providing. Always read through your final version before you send it.

To complete your application:

  • Please type or write clearly in black or blue ink.
  • Ensure you clearly state the job title you are applying for.
  • In the ‘Employment history’ section you must state why you have left a position.
  • Always explain any gaps in work history.
  • Proof of qualifications and membership to professional bodies may be required.

We will take up professional references once you have been interviewed and provisionally offered the post.  Please make sure that you have given the full contact details of your referees so that this does not delay processing reference requests.

If you have no employer references, we will take up references with named individuals at colleges where you have studied, or people who know you in a professional capacity.  Please do not put down family members or people you live with as referees.

You will only be confirmed in the post once we are satisfied with the information received from your referees.

Supporting Statement
The ‘Why you feel you are suitable for this position’ part of the form is called your supporting statement. It is the most important part of the application form.

You should consider the following:

  • Applications can only be assessed on the information you provide. You need to clearly demonstrate your capabilities.
  • You need to explain how you meet each of the essential criteria points and provide examples from your previous experience. Do not forget to present this in relation to the job description
  • Honesty is always the best policy; please do not make false claims.
  • Ensure you return your application in good time before the closing date – aim for the day before the deadline.
  • Use concise, unambiguous sentences and avoid exaggerations.

Finally good luck with your application and thank you for your interest in Share Discovery Village.

Job Details

Personal Details


Training and Development

Employment History

Previous employment: Please include any previous experience (paid or unpaid), starting with the most recent first.

Employment History (Previous Employer)

Employment History (Previous Employer)

Information in support of your application

Please use this section to demonstrate how you meet the essential criteria and why you think you would be suitable for the post by reference to the job description (and by giving examples and case studies). Please include all relevant information, whether obtained through formal employment or voluntary/leisure activities.

Convictions/ Disqualifications

A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a position at Share Discovery Village. If a check is returned and reveals any information, this will be discussed with the applicant.

The successful candidate with have to complete an enhanced Access NI pre-employment check. Please click here to fill in your Access NI application.

Reasonable adjustments/Arrangements for interview


Please give the detail of two references – see guidance sheet for further information.


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