Balloon Modelling at Share Discovery Village

Share Discovery Village offers it’s fantastically fun balloon modelling activity as an add on to other art sessions or at public events. This is your chance to unleash your inner Krusty the Clown and showcase your creativity while making fun memories with your friends.

 Your group will learn a number of techniques such as ‘weaving’ and ‘stuffing’ on your way to making your finished piece!

If you’re good enough you will walk away with an amazing balloon animal just like what a clown would make!

This activity is for people of all abilities and it is an excellent way to learn a new skill that is really, really fun. The best thing about Balloon Modelling is getting to leave the class with a wonderful masterpiece to show your friends and family!

Our sales team will be able to advise on perfect packages to suit you and your groups needs. It can be booked as a day activity or as part of a residential stay at SHARE.