Mosaics at Share Discovery Village

Mosaics is a very special art session that we offer at Share Discovery Village that is only available as a full day activity or as part of a residential stay at SHARE. This wonderful session will see you unlock your hidden talents for arts & crafts while creating a piece of art that you can take away as a great memento of your day.

What is a Mosaic?

A Mosaic is an image or a piece of art that is created using stone, coloured glass, tiles, sea shells, old plates & cups or other similar materials. These items are glued to the supporting service to create a wonderful image.

Mosaics are an ancient type of art used by the Greeks and Romans so when you take part in the wonderful activity, you will be steeping yourself in history.

What is special about this unique arts and crafts activity is that you can use meaningful pieces of materials to make your art work all the more specials. For example, in the past we have had groups use old tiles from our swimming pool to create magnificent Dolphin mosaic designs.