10 Exciting Activities for Teens

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It can be difficult enough to keep young children entertained but teenagers are a whole new ball game!

You know what they can be like – everything is boring to them or not cool enough. We have all been there, but with a little creativity, imagination and action, you can find a huge variety of exciting activities for teens that they will be itching to get back to try again.

To help you out with this challenge, we have compiled a list of thrilling and challenging activities for older kids that will prove a big hit among individuals and groups alike.

Fun and Exciting Activities for Teens

Combat Corps

Family Activity Holidays Ireland

Combat Corps, or laser tag, is the ultimate activity for a group of teens. How many of you have teenagers that sit in front of the Xbox or Playstation playing shooting games like Call of Duty? Well, this is their chance to get some real-life action!

Using high-tech LSD guns while dressing up in combat gear, your group will take part in a variety of exhilarating laser tag games from ‘Capture the Flag’ to ‘Last Man Standing’. Shooting accuracy and evasion skills will be tested to the max as the aim of the games will be to shoot down the enemy who, once hit, will get a vibration in their headgear to signal the direct hit.

Combat Corps can take place indoors in an arena or outdoors, which makes it a fantastic, fun activity for teens at any time during the year.

If your young ones prefer staying indoors, check out our top indoor activities for kids.


Exciting Activities for Teens - windsurfing

Teens need to be challenged to keep them interested in any given activity. Windsurfing is a thrilling combination of surfing and sailing that will test your kids out on the water.

During a windsurfing session there are a number of tasks that your teens will have to master – balancing on a board, reading the wind and eventually, motoring around the lake. Master these 3 tasks and they are in for a real treat as windsurfing is possibly the most heart-racing water activity out there!

You can be guaranteed to make a splash with this one!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Awesome Family Activity Holidays SUPing

One of the most popular and in-trend watersports out there right now is Stand Up Paddleboarding, commonly known as SUP. 

SUP is not too dissimilar to Windsurfing, only it’s a lot easier to master because there are no sails and you aren’t depending on the wind. Using a SUP board and a paddle, teens who would prefer a more relaxed water activity will absolutely love Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Although SUP can be a relaxing way to explore a lough or enjoy the dramatic sunsets, you can take things up a notch by getting out on fast-moving water and testing your stability upon the board. Definitely worth a go for any adrenaline junkie teenagers out there.


Challenging Activities for Teens

Back on land, climbing is one of those fun activities for teens that can be found at almost any sports centre across the country making it a good option to pretty much everyone.

Climbing will test your kid’s nerve and strength as they attempt to scale to heights that they have never reached before. While harnessed to the climbing wall, the goal will be to reach the summit using both arms and legs to leverage themselves upwards.

With indoor and outdoor walls that can reach past 40ft in some venues, climbing is a challenge that most teens will relish and feel a sense of accomplishment after reaching the top. Once they have reached the summit, they are then in for the most exciting part of the activity – abseiling back down to ground level again!


Fun Activities for Teens - Sailing

When mastered, sailing is an art upon the water that not many watersports can match! This is definitely one of the most challenging but exciting activities for teens in Northern Ireland, or anywhere on the island of Ireland.

Learn to use the sails to harness the power of the wind in order to move your craft through the water at various speeds and you will come away with a sense of accomplishment that will be up there with the best.

There are many different types of sailing that you can choose from including dinghy sailing and keelboat sailing. Dinghys are smaller vessels made for speed while keelboats are larger and can fit more people onboard. Both are thrilling water activities that your teens will have a cracking time taking part in!


Fun Activities for Older Kids - Kayaking

If your teens are looking to get out on a lake or river without having to master a skill like sailing or windsurfing beforehand, kayaking could be the best option because it is so easy to learn.

Using a double-bladed paddle to dip in either side of your kayak, you will be able to simply rove around the lough or river and take in the stunning scenery around you. Teenagers will love this because they can up the ante by racing each other or take their time and explore the water and landscape from their kayak.

There are a variety of different types of kayaks such as sit-on-top or tandem kayaks, which are great fun for a group of friends who want to stick together on their session.

Also, did you know that kayaking is good for your health?


Outdoor Activities for Older Kids - Camping

Camping is one of the most exciting activities for teens out there because it gives them a level of freedom that they so crave for.

There’s no better way to get a healthy dose of fresh air than spending a few days and nights in the great outdoors on a camping trip with a group of friends. If you’re worried about safety or the kids getting up to anything they shouldn’t, there are plenty of family-friendly and safe environments for camping out there that have duty officers on hand to help with any difficulties that may occur.

Any groups of young people looking a proper back-to-basics camping experience in the wilderness, check out Trannish Island Bothy campsite where there is an opportunity to camp out on a deserted island with nobody else around to bother you.

There is also a lot of health benefits to camping such as reducing anxiety levels due to getting out of busy city areas into secluded and peaceful locations.

Water Park

Exciting Activities for Teenagers - Water Park

What else can we say about water parks that haven’t been said hundreds of times before? They are up there with the most thrilling and exciting activities for older kids that you can find anywhere!

No matter what age you are, you are guaranteed to have a brilliant time with your group of mates out making a splash on a water park. With so many fun obstacles upon the inflatable such as bridges, rocks, slides, trampolines and wiggle rocks, teens will use up their bundles of energy in no time!

You don’t need to learn any new skills to have a great time on a water park so this could be the best activity for teens who just want to get out there and have a laugh right away.

Banana Boating

Exciting water Activities for Teens - Banana Boating

Being dragged through the water on a rubber inflatable at high speeds? You better believe your teenager will love this!

4 or 5 people will be able to fit on the back of a banana at one time making banana boating a perfect group activity for teens who are looking a real adrenaline rush. Even the most stubborn and strong person will struggle to hold on and stay on board when your boat driver hits a corner at top speed!


Outdoor activities for teens - Archery

Group archery sessions are a good way to get the competitive juices flowing between teenagers as they try to see who can rack up the highest score throughout the day!

Archery is a brilliant land activity for older kids to take part in and can take places both indoors and outdoors, all year around. Who will prove to be the Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen of the group? There’s only one way to find out!


When you put a bit of thought into it, there are actually quite a lot of fun activities for teens in Ireland or the UK that can take place all year round and challenge them both mentally and physically.

Hopefully the next time you are struggling to keep the older kids entertained over the holidays or weekends, you can use this as inspiration to get them out of the house and making the most of their time off.

Here at Share Discovery Village, we can provide all of these exciting activities for older kids in Fermanagh, so don’t hesitate to give us a call any time to find out how we can help you.

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