Transforming Lives: The Impact of Inclusive Activities at Share Discovery Village

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Transforming Lives: The Impact of Inclusive Activities at Share Discovery Village

At Share Discovery Village, we believe in the power of inclusive activities to transform lives. Our mission is to create a welcoming environment where everyone, regardless of ability, can participate and enjoy enriching experiences. Today, we’d like to share the inspiring story of Hannah, an 8-year-old girl whose life was touched by our inclusive approach.

Hannah’s Journey

Hannah was born with autism and is non-verbal. She attends a school in Fermanagh for children with additional needs. When Christmas time arrived, her school eagerly signed up for a new inclusive activity at Share Discovery Village—Share Village on Ice. This indoor synthetic ice rink was designed to be completely accessible to everyone.

While Hannah’s school was excited, her parents were understandably nervous. For many children with autism, new and unfamiliar situations can be overwhelming. Despite their concerns, they decided to let Hannah join the school trip.

The Day at Share Village on Ice

On the day of the trip, Hannah became distressed by the excitement and buzz. She refused to leave her seat on the bus, missing out on the skating session with her classmates. This reaction is common for children with autism when faced with unfamiliar environments.

But Hannah’s story didn’t end there.

A Visit to Santa’s Grotto

After the skating session, it was time for Hannah to visit Santa in his grotto. Despite being non-verbal, Santa treated Hannah just like her verbal classmates. He asked her questions about her Christmas jumper and if she liked Olaf from Frozen. Although Hannah didn’t respond verbally, Santa continued to engage with her warmly.

As her group was about to leave, something magical happened. Hannah stood up, turned to Santa, and quietly said, “Thank you.” The room fell silent, and even Santa couldn’t hold back a tear. For the first time, Hannah spoke in response to someone outside her immediate family.

The Impact

Hannah’s experience at Share Discovery Village highlights the profound impact of inclusive activities. By treating Hannah with respect and patience, our Santa helped her feel valued and understood. She left the grotto with a big smile, a moment her parents could never have imagined.

Your Support Matters

Stories like Hannah’s are made possible by the generous support of our community. Every donation helps us continue to offer inclusive activities that make a real difference in the lives of individuals with additional needs.

If you would like to support our mission and help us create more transformative experiences for children like Hannah, please visit our donation page: Donate Now.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make a difference.

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