10 Reasons for an Outdoors Career at SHARE

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There are so many great reasons to work in the great outdoors, and even more if you want to work at Share Discovery Village!

Here we reveal our top 10 reasons to choose and outdoors career at SHARE.

Reasons for an Outdoor Career at SHARE


With a career in the outdoors you are exercising while you work, whether that be out canoeing on the water or taking part in an orienteering session.

Fresh Air

You get to spend a majority of your time outdoors!

Research shows there are countless benefits to being outdoors including, a boost in physical and mental energy, stress relief, better vision, more creativity, reduced risk of cancer and depression, improved immune system function, and improved mental health.

Adventure Buddies

Your co-workers will end up doubling as your favourite adventure buddies!

It’s no secret that the outdoor community is full of happy and considerate people.

Like you, they have chosen to spend their career committed to the outdoors, education and the pursuit of adventure! You are sure to fit right in and have a life-long group of friends.

Leadership Experience

While those technical skills will get you further in your career as an outdoor instructor, your skills leading and facilitating growth in others will set you up for the rest of your life, no mater where your life takes you.

Training Opportunities

You will learn a lot of useful technical skills, especially when your co-workers are some of the most highly skilled instructors in the world!

SHARE can pay for or help fund your training courses and certifications to meet industry standards.

Change Lives

For many people, a day or week at SHARE becomes a cherished memory, a rite of passage, an important chapter in their story.

By leading groups of young people as they embrace challenge in unfamiliar settings, instructors become a part of their students’ stories.

Gear Discounts

Many outdoor companies offer Professional Purchase Programs for those working in the field.

After all, you are their prime customer and they want their product seen in action!

Beautiful County Fermanagh

While working as an instructor in Co. Fermanagh you will be given the opportunity to explore the beautiful Lough Erne and become familiar with the laid back way of Fermanagh life!

There are also spectacular adventures on your doorstep such as Culcaigh Mountain (The Stairway to Heaven) and Marble Arch Caves.

Bragging Rights

When your peers are complaining about being chained to a desk all day you won’t have to say much, just show them your Instagram feed or your most recent blog entry!

Fun, Like-Minded Colleagues

Staff across the departments at Share Discovery Village work as team together referring to themselves the SHARE Family.

Contact Us Today

Are you interested in pursuing a career with Share Discovery Village? Find out how to become an Outdoor Instructor here: Outdoor Course.

Feel free to contact us on info@sharevillage.org or 028 6772 2122 if you have any other questions about careers at Share Discovery Village.

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