5 Reasons to bring your pupils on a School Trip

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School groups have been visiting Share Discovery Village for their annual ‘School Trip’ for over 40 years. We want to share what we feel the benefits are for pupils’ going on school trips. For more information you can log onto www.sharevillage.org or email info@sharevillage.org

1. School trips increase independence and confidence

A residential visit may be a pupils first real taste of independence. Experiencing this independence in a safe and positive environment will boost a pupil’s self-confidence. Residentials are essential for personal and social development, allowing new friendships to bloom and new challenges to be faced. Our accommodation is mostly rooms of 4 with an ensuite.

En-suite bedroom with bunk beds
En-suite bedroom with bunk beds

2. School trips will teach pupils new skills

Some lessons in life cannot be taught in class. Trips are an opportunity for your pupils to conquer challenges outside the classroom setting where a different set of skills is required. For example, pupils may be asked to build a shelter in the forest.

Shelter Building activity
Shelter building activity with in Bushcraft session

3. School trips can increase the bond between students and students and teachers

Out of the classroom setting new friendships will develop among the pupils. Teachers will get to know students more throughout the trip, this is a great way to build strong rapport with them. You will reap the benefits of this for the rest of the teaching year. Teachers often go out on sessions with the students at Share Discovery Village.

Water activities on the lake
Kayaking Session

4. School trips take pupils out of their comfort zones

Experiences that take pupils out of their comfort zone are essential for personal growth and developing an appetite for trying new things. At Share Discovery Village an example of a new experience may be paddling a canoe with friends to an island or shooting an arrow in archery.

Canoe session
Group Canoe session on the lake.

5. It’s lots of fun!

Plain and simple!  A school trip can be lots of fun for everyone. Share Discovery Village and school trip venues will offer schools packages that suit the schools and pupils needs, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Combat Corp at Share Discovery Village
Combat Corps in the forest

To learn more about Share Discovery Village and school or group packages log onto www.sharevillage.org or email info@sharevillage.org. Share Discovery Village is open all year round for school trips.

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