Race Car at Share Discovery Village

Are you ready for the adrenaline-fuelled, adventurous activity that is Race Car? Hop on the inflatable race car with your group and get ready for the ride of your life on the breathtaking Upper Lough Erne! You will have to hold on tight as you are being pulled through the water by a high-powered speed boat or else you are going to get very wet!

Race Car is offered to summer day visitors as a 30 minute session for a max of 8 people for £55. The race car holds a maximum 8 people, so if there are more than 8 people the instructor will return to the jetty and swap the people on the Race Car.

We recommend a minimum of 8 years old, however the decision is to the discretion of the parent or guardian.   Please bring shoes that can get wet.

Please ensure that you arrive 30 minutes before your session time.  This time allows you to change into a wetsuit and sign disclaimers.

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