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Share Discovery Village played host to young people from all around the world during the month of July as part of our Language Programme with International House.

The hugely successful programme gave kids from countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain and France the opportunity to embed themselves in the Irish culture and learn the English language through participation.

Not only was it of huge benefit to the international youngsters but also to the local kids from Fermanagh and across Northern Ireland who mixed with each other throughout their stay.

The local kids gained a fantastic insight into cultures from across Europe and helped to broaden their minds in terms of food eaten, languages spoken and simply different ways of viewing life by people from other nations.

What is the Language Programme?

The Language programme is an activity camp that takes place at the Share Discovery Village during the month of July and is run by SHARE and International House.

It is designed to immerse children from around the world between the ages of 12 – 16 in the English language and Irish culture by having them live with and take part in activities with local young people at SHARE.

The kids enjoy an action-packed programme filled with land and water-based activities along the shores of the Upper Lough Erne accompanied by English classes in the evening.

Activities included canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, banana boating, archery, rock climbing, mountain biking and many more!

Not only was there a huge variety of on-site activities undertaken but the international students also got to go visit local Fermanagh attractions such as the Marble Arch Caves, experience secluded, Fermanagh camping on Trannish Island and a day visit to Belfast!

While learning from each other and having lots of fun, both the local children and the international visitors created friendships that will last a lifetime.

International Visits to Fermanagh

The Language programme also provided huge benefits to Fermanagh as a whole, not only the local children, because of the level of exposure it brought to the county to visitors from across the globe.

The international group holiday was great for the economy here as attractions such as the caves and SHARE itself were kept busy throughout July.

The groups were also brought to the beach in Donegal for surfing lessons which went down a real treat with everyone!

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