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We are delighted to have run yet another hugely successful Share Slalom event in Ballyconnell, on Sunday November 24th.

What was included in the Slalom event?

There were a number of races throughout the day, starting with Division 1 and 2 on the slalom kayaks, at 9am.

Division 3 then started at 11am followed by the canoes and rafts at 1pm.

Each race was split into categories for experienced paddlers, novices, ladies, men and verterans, making the event suitable for people of all abilities.

2019 Slalom Event Results

Men’s Senior Div. 1  – Kayak

  1. Oisin Farrell                time: 86.9s

Men’s Under 18 Div. 1 – Kayak

  1. Ethan Dowling            time: 91.9s
  2. Adam Vaugh               time: 95.9s
  3. Michael O’Herlihy        time: 100.5s
  4. Tom Morley                  time: 102s

Men’s Under 18 Div. 1  – C1

  1. Donnchadh Farrell           time: 165.7

Women’s Senior Div. 1  – Kayak

  1. Michelle O’Herlihy           time: 114.5s

Men’s Senior Div. 2  – Kayak

  1. Alan Owen                       time: 167.8s
  2. Sean Murphy                   time: 171.9s
  3. Jonathan Davies              time: 179.6s
  4. Quinten Church               time: 270.8s

Men’s Vet Div. 2 – Kayak

  1. Roy Huddleston                time: 235s

Men’s Under 16 Div. 2 – Kayak

  1. Oran Doherty                     time: 177s
  2. Andrew Corner                  time: 185.7s
  3. Aaron McClaren                time: 245.6s

Women’s Senior Div. 2  – Kayak

  1. Robyn Livingstone           time: 231.5s

Women’s Under 18 Div 2 – Kayak

  1. Roisin Hannon                 time: 121.6s
  2. Aoibhin Nibhrion              time: 140.2s

Women’s Masters  Div. 2 – Kayak

  1. Joan Gribbon                    time: 270s

Women’s Under 15 Div. 2  – Kayak

  1. Roisin Duffy – Bence       time: 247.2s

Mixed Div. 2  – OC1

  1. Richard Hobson                time: 185.4s
  2. Catherine Scott                 time: 258.1s
  3. Robyn Livingstone            time: 273.3s
  4. Marion O’Dornan              time: 289.7s
  5. James Birrell                       time: 402s

Men’s Senior Div. 3  – Kayak

  1. Luke Sutton                        time: 47.4s
  2. Christian Marthnez             time: 54.1s
  3. Sean Carvey                      time: 61.4s
  4. Tom McLean                      time: 62.7s
  5. Conor McCoy                     time: 108.6s
  6. Ronan Hurley                     time: 118.6s
  7. Neil McIlwaine                    time: 130.6s
  8. Ray Quinn                          time: 185.8s
  9. Gerard Laverty                   time: DNF

Men’s Under 18 Div. 3 – Kayak

  1. Shea Boardhead                time: 47.5s
  2. Ray Belverstone                time: 49.5s
  3. Michael Kelly                      time: 52.2s
  4. Joseph Malley                    time: 57.9s

Men’s Under 14 Div. 3  – Kayak

  1. Calum Moorelands             time: 170s

Men’s Under 16 Div. 3 – Kayak

  1. James Malley                     time: 58.2s

Women’s Senior Div. 3  – Kayak

  1. Melissa Farrell                    time: 55.5s
  2. Rebecca Collins                 time: 59.3s
  3. Natasha Mullan                  time: 67.8s
  4. Ariana Cottam                    time: 113.4s


  1. Richard Hobson
  2. Catherine Scott
  3. Robyn Livingstone
  4. Marion O’Dornan
  5. Oran Doherty
  6. James Birrell

Canoe Race

  1. Richard Hobson and Catherine Scott                  time: 154.8s
  2. Kelly McDowell and Robyn Livingstone              time: 163.3s
  3. Christian Mathnez and James Malley                 time: 169.0s

Raft Race

  1. Senior Muppets                             time: 190.0s
  2. CAPS                                             time: 201.5s
  3. The Swimmers                               time: 206.1s

What about next year?

Next year we are hoping to introduce Stand Up Paddleboarding to the event after our staff and friends tested them out on the water rapids.

Watch this space!

See you all next year!

Ballyconnell Lock was designed by Waterways Ireland and is the ideal place for a slalom with fast water rapid and bouldering.

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Earlier this year, Share Discovery Village hosted the annual Ulster Canoe Festival. Read all about this cracking event here: 2019 Ulster Canoe Festival

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