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Whether you are a native to the beautiful Emerald Isle or planning a holiday here, you are going to be thrilled with the variety of top outdoor activities on offer!

We reckon this list that we have compiled of some of our favourite outdoor activities in Ireland will give you a headache when it comes to selecting what you want to do!

Here, we are going to reveal a range of exciting activities on land and water that are suitable for both groups and individuals, as well as people of any age or ability.

What you can be guaranteed with any one of these outdoor activities in Ireland is that you are sure to have a great experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Water Activities:

Banana Boating:

If you’re looking for a real high-octane outdoor activity, then Banana Boating is the ideal choice for you. With Ireland being an island and having so many wonderful lakes, this option can be found throughout the country.

You and your group will don your wet-suits and hop on the inflatable banana that is attached to a high powered speed boat and be taken for a thrilling ride!

Banana Boating Ireland Water Activity


With there being so many lakes and rivers in Ireland, it’s easy to see why canoeing is a popular choice. This activity is brilliant for exploring the Lakelands and islands that populate them while also getting some exercise!

You have the option of jumping in a canoe with your friends and family or you can each having your own individual boat. If you are in to your fishing, then you should bring out your rod and bait and throw out a line while out in your canoe.

Canoeing on Upper lough Erne

Water Park:

Make your way through obstacles, slip down the slides, bounce of the trampolines and climb up inflatable walls on a Water Park! How good does that sound?

Water Parks are brilliant for any groups looking a unique outdoor activity on water. These inflatable courses are a lot like what you would see on Total Wipeout and you can be sure of having great time as you make a splash by jumping off and into the lake!

Irish Water Parks - Share Discovery Village


Kayaking is slightly different to canoeing as you are in a smaller, narrower watercraft and you use a double-sided oar to paddle through the water.

This extremely popular watersport is really versatile and can be used for a relaxing wade through the water or even for thrilling activities such as white-water kayaking!

The choice is yours!

Kayaking on Upper Lough Erne Fermanagh

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP):

This great offshoot of surfing originated in Hawaii and is now taking the world by storm!

Stand Up Paddleboarding can be participated in out in the sea where you can ride the waves or even on an open lake where you can gently move through the water.

While standing on the paddleboard you will drag yourself along using a paddle so not only is it fun, it is also a great outdoor activity for upper body and core strength.

Supping in Fermanagh

Land Activities:

Combat Corps:

Are you a Call of Duty fan looking for some real action?

If so, Combat Corps will be right up your street! This fun shooting activity is a lot like laser tag where the aim of the game is to shoot your opponents with laser guns to gain points.

During your Combat Corps activity, you can get dressed up in camouflage, take cover behind obstacles and try snipe out your rivals from a distance!

Girls preparing for Combat Corps


Unleash your inner Katniss Everdeen or Arya Stark with this classic outdoor activity in Ireland!

Take aim and fire at your target, and try get as close to the centre as possible to score more points than your friends.

Archery is an ancient sport that has become more popular in recent times due to hit TV shows and movies like Game of Thrones and Hunger Games. Archery can be done indoors and outdoors which is perfect as the rain never seems to be too far away in Ireland!

Bullseye for this kid at Archery!


How is your ability to read a map?

By taking part in an orienteering activity you will learn how to follow a map and use a compass. T

here are many different types of games you can play with orienteering such as a Scavenger Hunt where you will have to follow the map to find hidden treasures at control points or Relay Races where your group will have to reach certain points and make it back in the quickest time!

Reading Maps - Picture Orienteering


For the adrenaline junkies out there who want to scale to new heights, you will enjoy climbing in Ireland.

Most climbing activities will see you try to ascend to the top of steep walls using both your legs and arms while being harnessed in by your instructor.

This is not only fun and a great form of exercise, but also a fantastic way to help those who may be slightly afraid of heights to master their fears in the comfort of knowing that they are securely strapped in.

Indoor Climbing for kids

We hope you can take inspiration from this list of some of our favourite outdoor activities in Ireland that can be taken part in at any time of the year.

Luckily for you, we at Share Discovery Village offer all of these brilliant activities so you are able to try out any of them all in the one location!

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