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If you ask anyone who has left school what the highlight of their time there was, we bet that most people will say their adventure trip with their classmates!

Whether it is a primary school residential or just a day trip to an activity centre, kids remember these moments for years to come and learn a lot about themselves during this time.

Share Discovery Village, a Northern Ireland Registered Charity for the inclusion of disabled and non-disabled people, opened its doors in 1981 and since that day we have been providing thrilling school adventure trips to school children of all ages from throughout the UK and Ireland. 

To this day, we welcome over 30,000 visitors annually with a large percentage of them being primary and secondary school children. We know what we are doing – that’s why we are still here today!

Top Quality School Activity Breaks

School Adventure Trips

At Share Discovery Village, your group will have the choice of over 30 exciting activities, from fun land challenges and creative arts activities to exciting watersports!

Our aim is to provide the community and people from further afield with fully-accessible activities and accommodation at affordable prices as well as promoting education and character-building through active experiences both indoors and outdoors. 

For all the information you need about a school adventure trip at SHARE, check out our complete guide to Primary School Residential Trips.

What Adventures are in store for a School Trip?

School Activity Trips - Hill Walking

We confidently provide some of the best outdoor activities in Ireland on land and water. From making a splash on the Wibit Water Park to scaling to new heights on our Climbing Wall, there is a thrilling adventure in-store every day on your activity trip. Check them out below.

Learning Outside the Classroom

School Activity Breaks - Learning to Cook outside the classroom

School trips are fantastic for helping young people learn more about themselves and the world around them. 

Being so close to beautiful natural surroundings like our lakes and woodlands can be an experience that some people take for granted but many young people from cities and towns don’t get to experience the wonder of nature until their adventure trips with their school.

Connecting with nature and taking part in outdoor activities can positively affect the physical and mental health of young people, especially in a digital age where kids are glued to their phones, social media and game consoles.

Team building activities help them develop personal and social skills with people of a similar age while high-octane watersports test them physically and mentally in ways that they haven’t been tested before, which increases confidence and self-esteem once they realise what they are capable of achieving.

Why Choose Share Discovery Village?

School Adventure Trips - Countryside Location at SHARE

– We are a charity for the inclusion of disabled and non-disabled people and offer fully-accessible activities, facilities and accommodation. Choosing us helps us maintain these facilities and provide opportunities to those less fortunate.

Nearly 40 years of experience. Our centre knows how to deliver activity programmes to groups of all ages and sizes, and our instructors have a wealth of experience in a variety of activities. Our experiences puts us in a position to give advice to parents and teachers on anything from packing for a school trip to the most convenient local services.

– We are the largest residential activity centre in Northern Ireland. No group is too big for us and we have in the past accommodated groups with 500+ young people and leaders at the one time. 

Flexibility is our strength. We will tailor a programme specifically for your school adventure trip and do what we can to make sure that we can cater to all of your requests.

Top-quality reviews. From nearly 400 reviews on TripAdvisor and Google combined, we hold a 4.6-star rating for our services and facilities.

Value for money. One of our missions is to provide on-site facilities that are accessible and affordable to those on limited incomes.

Environmentally friendly. We are always pushing ourselves to become more environmentally friendly at SHARE. From having solar panels, a reed bed and using wood-burning pellets, to reducing the use of plastic, becoming a Refill Station and achieving Green Status for environmental benchmarking, we are always striving to lead the way to keep our planet beautiful.

Highly trained staff. Any new outdoor staff at SHARE take part in a year-long outdoor instructor training course that is led by our senior staff and external professionals.

– Open All Year. Our centre is open all year round meaning you can book a winter residential for your group which can work out a lot cheaper.

Layout of Trip

School Activity Residentials - Banana Boating

We tailor our school activity trips to suit the needs of each group but a standard day includes a morning activity for 2.5 hours and an afternoon session for 2.5 hours. 

The majority of our thrilling activities can be full sessions or split sessions where two activities of 1.15 hours are paired together. This can ensure that kids get to experience as many activities as possible on their school residential in Fermanagh.

To keep the young ones entertained in the evenings there are a variety of indoor and outdoor activities available on request, such as team games and problem-solving challenges and Nightline in our forest.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper is served every day in our kitchen and cooked in-house by our own dedicated kitchen staff.

Are you thinking about booking a School Adventure Trip?

As you can see, there is a whole range of reasons to book a school day trip or residential at an activity centre like Share Discovery Village. It’s not just a few fun days out of the classroom – the physical, mental and educational benefits can not be underestimated.

If you would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact our bookings team and we can help tailor a package that suits your individual needs.

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