9 Indoor Activities for Kids

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Now that the summer months have come to an end and it is getting darker and colder outside, it’s not as easy to keep the kids entertained. Indoor activities for kids can be hard to come by and the last thing you want is your young ones to be sitting in front of the TV all day!

To help you out, we have put together a list of things to do indoors for the kids and family that are perfect for the Autumn and Winter months.

So, take a read of this list and hopefully you will gain the inspiration needed to get your young ones out and active in the less sunny months of the year.

Our Top Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Wall Climbing

Taking on an epic challenge like a climbing wall is sure to be up there as the most exhilarating indoor activities for kids that you can find!

An indoor climbing wall gives all the thrills that you would experience from climbing an outdoor wall, only without getting wet and cold!

Groups of all ages and sizes can take on 30ft climbing challenges under the guidance of experienced instructors and under the reassurance that they are well equipped for the feat.

Rainy day activities don’t come much more heart-racing than this!

Indoor Climbing for kids

Indoor Archery

Archery is another fantastic indoor activity for kids that is just as good inside as it is outside!

During your indoor archery activity, you will take aim and fire at the target with your bow and arrows, in the hope of your arrow hitting the most centre point of the board.

Share Discovery Village provide archery as one of their things to do indoors, where they set up a safe seating area for viewing and have specially-made protective curtains for safety.

Who will hit the most bull’s eye and prove to be the Katniss Everdeen or Jon Snow of the group? There’s only one way to find out!

Indoor Archery Fermanagh


Instead of getting wet outdoors, get to a swimming pool and make a splash in the pool with the young ones.

Swimming is not only one of the most fun indoor activities for kids, but it is also hugely beneficial for your health and well-being. Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise that is a great workout for your core, legs and arms whilst also being a great cardio hit.

The swimming pool at SHARE is not only fully-accessible for those with disabilities, but it is also heated 2 degrees warmer making it extra comfortable for young ones.

Swimming Pool Lisnaskea

Human Fussball

Everyone knows the classic table game that is fussball, but have you heard of Human Fussball?

This super-fun indoor activity is brilliant for people of all ages, and will see members of your group take the place of the small men inside the fussball table.

Everyone will take a position within the blow-up football field and the aim of the game is just the same as normal fussball, to try to score more goals than the opposition. The positions are split up by an inflatable rail that keeps people in either defence, midfield, attack or goals.

This is definitely one of the most unique rainy-day activities out there and is sure to be a great laugh for everyone involved.

Human Fussball Northern Ireland

Mod Roc

Arts activities are a fantastic option for families who are looking for things to do indoors as you can get really creative and take away a memento from your day.

Mod roc is an indoor activity for kids and parents alike, where you can create wonderful sculptures of whatever your heart desires using plaster of Paris and water mixture.

Throughout the years at Share Discovery Village, we have had some amazing designs made by groups that include dragons, cats, boats and Vikings! Can you create a memorable design to make the SHARE hall of fame?

multi activity week modroc

T-Shirt Painting

Another arts activity that is a huge hit with younger kids is t-shirt painting.

Kids will be given a blank canvas (a t-shirt!) to start with and upon that they can draw whatever they so feel! A variety of cool stencils can be used to help create the ultimate t-shirt.

You can get as colourful or messy as you like with the paints to create your masterpiece that we are sure you will look back on in years to come and treasure the memories that it brings up.

T-shirt Painting - indoor activities for kids

Circus Skills

Surely a lot of you parents out there feel like your kids act like clowns anyway, so why not teach them some proper circus skills?

This is one of those unique indoor activities for kids that they won’t forget in a hurry as they will learn to juggle, take part in diablo activities and even stilt walk!

Circus skills is really fun for the adults too as you learn something new and exciting while letting your hair down.

Amelia Circus Skills -

Film Making

We know kids love sitting around and watching movies a lot of the time, but how would you like to get them out of the house to actually make their own movie?

This is all possible at Share Discovery Village where we provide a variety of props, state of the art editing technology and a green screen, so that you can make a feature film that is fit for the big screen!

If you have young ones who are interested in gaming, movies and technology, then this is a fantastic thing to do indoors with them.

Themed Film Creation at Share


Bouncy Castle

Who doesn’t love jumping about like crazy on a bouncy castle? You’re only lying to yourself if you say you don’t!

Share Discovery Village have a bouncy castle and amazing bouncy slide that can both be perfect rainy day activities done indoor at our Arts Arena.

Bouncy Castle - Things to do indoors

Indoor Activities for Kids in Fermanagh

After reading through our list of fun things to do indoors with young ones and other family members, hopefully you have found the activity that is the perfect match for your group.

The best thing about every activity mentioned here is that they are all provided on-site at Share Discovery Village. With nearly 40 years’ experience providing indoor activities for kids year-round, and highly trained staff on hand to help, you will go a long way to find a more entertaining way to get your young ones away from the TV!

Get in touch today and see what else we have to offer you and how we can tailor a package around your needs.

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