Safe and Fun Outdoor Activities while Self-Isolating

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There are so many fun outdoor activities that are acceptable to take part in whilst self-isolating that are both safe and fantastic forms of exercise.

First of all, however, we must be clear that the current expert advice is that if you are in doubt about the safety of the activity, stay at home!

During the current COVID-19 pandemic it can be difficult for people to go outdoors because they feel anxious about the potential dangers or they can’t find the motivation to go for that 5th walk of the week down the same old road!

While we are still allowed our one form of exercise per day, it is very important to make the most of it for our physical and mental health, but also to ensure we are responsible while doing so, and so not put yourself or others in danger.

Using government advice and NHS advice, plus our own expert knowledge of outdoor activities, we have come up with a list of fun and safe activities to take part in by yourself or with someone you live with during the Coronavirus lockdown.

– Kayaking

– Mountain Biking

– Cycling

– Canoeing

– Walking

– Stand Up Paddleboarding

– Camping (backyard/private locations)

Safe Outdoor Activities during Self-Isolation

– Kayaking

outdoor activities during isolation - kayaking

There’s nothing like getting away from everyone and all those negative stories like getting out on the lake for a paddle on a kayak and soaking up all of nature’s beauty. 

The peaceful, quiet time you will have out on your own can have a huge, positive impact on anxiety levels which can understandably be a little higher during this time.

Kayaking is also a good form of physical exercise and will help increase your upper body strength, leg strength, core and cardiovascular fitness all at once. 

It would be highly advisable to wipe down any paddles, kayaks or buoyancy aids used while doing this outdoor activity during self-isolation in order to help prevent the spread of germs.

– Mountain Biking

mountain biking - outdoor activities while self-isolating

Another way to escape outdoors during COVID-19 is to go mountain biking in a quiet location that is safe.

Mountain biking is an outdoor activity that is ideal for the thrill-seekers who may be finding themselves extremely cooped up these days and need a release. 

It is important to check with the owners of any mountain bike trails whether they are open and safe to use and if you are going off-trails to ensure that it is not in a busy location. 

The International Mountain Biking Association provides great advice on how to ride safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

– Cycling

safe activities while in self-isolation - cycling

There have been news stories recently of people meeting up in groups to go cycling which is completely unacceptable and against social-distancing advice.

However, going for a cycle in the fresh air on your own is not against the rules and can be a great way to get your daily exercise during the lockdown.

There have been calls from Julie Harrington, at British Cycling, for the government to encourage cycling at this time to help people physically and mentally. British Cycling is also running a daily activity for kids to keep moving during school shutdowns.

There is also a case to be made for the government to look at introducing new cycle lanes after the pandemic to encourage more cycling because a lot of car journeys are made over short distances which could easily be cycled.

– Canoeing

canoeing - outdoor activities while self-isolating

One of the best and most popular outdoor activities on the water is canoeing, which also is ideal when self-isolating.

Much like kayaking, there are a variety of physical and mental health benefits to canoeing, meaning it can be your daily exercise that hits most of the body’s muscles.

From a canoe out on a lake, you can enjoy the beauty of stunning natural surroundings such as the luscious green trees and hedgerows and the wildlife upon the water and on-shore. 

– Walking

walking outdoors during covid-19

We weren’t going to add walking because everyone is doing it and we wanted to give some creative outdoor activity options during coronavirus but we thought it’s worth the mention for a few reasons.

Walking is possible for everyone in areas that aren’t overcrowded and doesn’t require any equipment at all. It has also been scientifically proven to boost your mood and reduce stress – 2 important factors in life right now.

Just don’t go walking on popular walking tracks, crowded parks or busy towns because this is increasing your risk of meeting people and spreading/catching the disease.

– Stand Up Paddleboarding

water activities while in self-isolation - SUP

One of the most fun water sports in the UK or Ireland is Stand Up Paddleboarding!

This is an alternative self-isolation activity outdoors on the water to canoeing or kayaking that you will find to be just as much, if not more fun. It’s also a really exciting activity for teenagers – something that isn’t the easiest to come by!

Meander your way around the lough whilst on your board and enjoy the peacefulness that there are these days with no motorboats or noise pollution of any kind.

Just be safe and ensure that you wipe down any equipment used afterwards to help stop the spread.

– Camping 

garden camping - outdoor activity while in self-isolation

What better way to get away from all of the bad news stories and worry than to escape by getting outdoors and camping in a really quiet and safe location?

Not only is it fun but the health benefits of taking part in outdoor activities such as camping can be monumental, especially in times such as these.

Camping in your own back garden or private fields by yourself or with someone you live with can be just as much fun as a wild camping trip once you get the campfire lit the beers cracked open. 

As of June 26th, campsites are now open in Northern Ireland!

Conclusion on Safe Outdoor Activities While Self-Isolating

As you can see, there are a variety of different outdoor activities to take part in during self-isolation that provides you with your daily dose of exercise and help keep you sane during these difficult times.

It must be stressed, that it is of vital importance that you adhere to social-distancing rules at all times and be extremely careful and responsible while outdoors.

Once again, be safe and if in doubt, please stay at home!

We are now open and offering Canoe, Kayak and Stand Up Paddleboarding hire at Share Discovery Village!

As of June 26th, we are open for camping holidays and we are open for self-catering bookings from July 5th!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and blog for more information about us Re-Opening After Lockdown.

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