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So you have decided to go on a self-catering holiday – the next step is to make sure you bring all the essentials.

You don’t want to be worrying about not being prepared or having to waste your holiday time shopping.

That’s where we come in.

We have put together an extensive self-catering holiday packing list that covers all of the essentials to make a real success of your trip away from home.

Our list of what to pack for your self-catering break covers all the seasons, is applicable to the UK & Ireland, and is ideal for families.

Our list of items to take on a Self-Catering Holiday

– Towels

Not all self-catering accommodation options provide towels and even if they do, it is always great to have spares for when your wet towels are hanging out to dry.

If you’re planning to head to the beach or go swimming you will be glad to have brought your own towels with you.

– Warm Clothing

Family wearing warm clothing on self catering holiday

No matter what time of the year you go on holiday within the UK or Ireland it is essential to be prepared by bringing warm clothing.

In the summer months you might get away with a light jacket or fleece but in winter make sure you pack a good raincoat, warm jacket, and woolly hat. 

If you’re going on a family activity holiday in Ireland then it is vitally important to pack warm clothing for the kids.

The last thing you want is one of the young ones coming down with a cold or flu!

– Bathroom Essentials

self catering holiday packing list - toiletries

Items such as toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, face wash, and deodorants are important to pack for every type of holiday.

But, the are even more so for a self-catering break as most house and chalets won’t provide any.

Top tip: Purchase travel-size versions of these washing items in advance so that you aren’t taking up too much packing space, wasting your vacation time in the shops, or leaving items behind to go to waste.

– Condiments

Condiments to pack for holiday

There’s nothing like arriving at your holiday destination and settling down to a lovely warm brew!

So, don’t forget to bring tea bags, coffee, milk, and sugar, etc. These will be needed to wake you up for all the adventures in store!

Other kitchen condiments to remember to pack include sauces and spices as this will save you having to buy them new.

Zip and Seal food bags are fantastic for storing these items and making sure that they don’t spill everywhere around your bags.

– A Good Camera / GoPro

Essentials for self catering - a good camera or GoPro

Ok so everybody has a camera phone these days.

But, a proper camera or GoPro is very handy to have as you can take better quality motion pictures/videos of your adventure.

If you’re thinking of taking part in some water sports then a GoPro that works underwater would be a brilliant idea to bring.

With a waterproof camera, you can capture those thrilling moments that you wouldn’t get with your phone.

– Chargers for Electronic Devices

Charger kit - ideal for a holiday

Although we don’t want to encourage bringing a load of electronics on a holiday, sometimes they are necessary to keep the kids entertained on long journeys or in the evenings.

So it is really important to remember to bring chargers for your portable gaming devices, iPads, and mobile phones to keep everyone happy.

– Board Games / Deck of Cards / Books

During the day you will not be short of entertainment on a self-catering break in Ireland or the UK because of the huge amount of fun family activities on offer.

However, in the evening time, you will need some sort of games to play.

Board games or card games are great fun for all of the family. Monopoly, Guess Who and Big Mouth are some fun ideas that we recommend, along with card games like Snap or Crazy 8’s.

Packing a book is also a good idea for night times to help you relax and wind down from the day’s entertainment.

– Travel Sized First Aid Kit & Medication

As you could be taking part in a wide variety of outdoor activities in Ireland and the UK, it is important to pack some vital first aid equipment in case any accidents happen.

Plasters and bandages are 2 of the main items you should consider, along with any medication that you or your family need.

Of course, in today’s current climate, make sure you pack hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes as you will be out and about in contact with others.

– Facemasks

Facemasks for family holidays

Facemasks are, of course, essential to put on your self-catering holiday packing list.

You can’t really go to many places without them anymore and who knows when that will change?

Make sure to bring them along so that you aren’t having to buy disposables. 

– Walking Boots

self catering holiday packing list - hiking boots

With so many beautiful walks to go on around the country that you must check out, be sure to pack appropriate walking boots.

Some of the hikes with the best views can be a little bit challenging that appropriate footwear will ensure that your feet stay warm and dry.

There are a variety of walks and other outdoor activities to do on a staycation so it’s great to be prepared.

– Old Trainers

Old trainers can come in really useful for when you take part in water activities such as canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or banana boating.

You won’t mind getting your old trainers wet or dirty as you are in and come out of the water so packing them is a really good idea.

– Washing Up Liquid

You’re going to need this after cooking up your favourite meals. Some self-catering chalets and houses won’t provide this so best to pack it just in case.

– Hairdryer

More often than not, hairdryers won’t be provided in your accommodation.

So be sure to bring yours along as it will be needed after showering and dipping in and out of the pool, sea, or lake.

– Picnic Essentials

Picnic gear for a holiday

If you’re a real outdoor enthusiast then chances are you will be going for a picnic at some point on your holiday.

Make sure to add a cool box, throw rug, flasks, and disposable cutlery and plates to your packing list if you’re going to head out for a picnic.

– Torch

There’s nothing like a midnight adventure with the kids on your vacation. 

If you decide to head out and gaze at the stars, then a torch will be good to have to navigate your way around.

It will also help with practical tasks like bring out out the bins or walking home from a restaurant.

Is your Self Catering Holiday Packing List now complete?

Let’s hope so!

If not, please let us know if you think we are missing anything and we will happily get it added to help people out before their trip away.

Enjoy your trip guys!

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