15 Fun Family Activities in Fermanagh

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During the summer holidays or over a weekend, there is nothing better than the whole family spending some quality time together. The question is, what is there to do?

You will be amazed by the number of fun family activities in Fermanagh that are suitable for kids and parents of all ages!

With such uncertainty around travelling at the moment, we have decided to select some of the family activities that are right on our doorstep in the Erne County.

From thrilling water activities in Summer such as Water Parks and Canoeing to year-round land adventures such as mountain biking and climbing, you are going to be spoilt for choice.

The Best Year-Round Family Activities in Fermanagh

– Mountain Biking

Fun Family Activities Fermanagh 2

Hopping on bikes with your family is one of the best ways to get some quality time together while having tonnes of fun.

One way to make it extra fun is to get off the roadsides and have a go at a mountain bike trail.

There are a variety of places for families to go offroad on the bikes including a beginners mountain bike course at Share Discovery Village in Lisnaskea or the more challenging mountain bike trails at Blessingbourne in Fivemiletown.

– Canoeing

Fun Family Activities Fermanagh canoeing

There are not many better ways to get away with your family in Fermanagh to enjoy the great outdoors than rafting 2 canoes together and setting off to an island to relax and take in the beauty of Upper Lough Erne.

Canoeing is a wonderful family activity that not only lets you appreciate the natural beauty of our county from a different view but it is also a great way to stay socially distant after lockdown as you paddle away from land with your loved ones.

Kids of all ages can come along as the older participants can paddle the boat while they sit back and experience the joy of wading through the water while safely seated and wearing a buoyancy aid.

– Hiking

Family Days Out Fermanagh Cuilcagh

Why is hiking such a great family activity in Fermanagh? 

1 – You get to see some amazing views of our beautiful county.

2 – It’s a great form of exercise.

3 – It’s free, so you can bring as many family members as you want without worrying about the impact on your wallet!

Some of our favourite hiking spots in Fermanagh include Topped Mountain (a short but steep hike that gives a great view of Enniskillen and beyond), Cuilcagh Legnabrocky Trail and Lough Navar Magho Cliffs.

These are only 3 out of many options that will enable you to have a fun day out with the kids and get some amazing photos of the stunning scenery that we are lucky to have. 

– Kayaking

Fun Days Out Fermanagh

For a family with kids who are at that age where they want to paddle themselves but aren’t yet capable to paddle a canoe, a trip out on the lake on a kayak is a great idea.

Share Discovery Village offers a variety of different types of kayaks, some of which are ideal for family days out, such as single, 2-person and 3-person sit-on-top kayaks.

These are ideal for a family to stay together while having a fun journey across the mystical waters and they are very easy to bring to shore to explore any of the historic islands on Upper Lough Erne.

There are many health benefits to canoeing and kayaking that mean your family will be getting their daily fix while also having an enjoyable day out.

– Marble Arch Caves

Family Days Out NI

Educational family days out in Fermanagh don’t get much better than a trip to the Marble Arch Caves to explore the mysterious underworld that was first discovered way back in 1895.

The caves provide a great deal of historic, geographical and scientific knowledge on the local area and family members, both young and old, will be intrigued by the sight of the shining limestone rock and underground streams throughout the underground passages.

The highlight of the trip undoubtedly is the underground boat journey across the dark waters within the caves.

– Archery

Family Activities NI

Archery is a fun and active activity for the entire family that can be played year-round, both indoors and outdoors.

This is a brilliant way to introduce a little competition into the family day out to make things even more fun as you count the scores and see who is the Robin Hood in the household by having the best aim!

Archery is also great for developing young kids hand-eye coordination which can help them in a variety of other sports and tasks that they partake in regularly.

– Laser Tag

Family Activities in Fermanagh

If you’re looking for a fun family activity that will consist of bundles of laughter, then a game of laser tag is perfect!

The adrenaline will be flowing when you don your camouflage gear and play a variety of shooting games using high-tech, LSD guns in the custom-built forest arena.

Share Discovery Village offers laser tag (also known as Combat Corps) as an activity for families and groups of all ages so this is one activity that the parents will love to join in on!

– Family Arts & Crafts

Indoor Family Activities in Fermanagh

Arts and Crafts are brilliant for families with little kids who want to get creative!

A t-shirt painting class gives kids the opportunity to design a cool t-shirt that is full of memories which they can take away and save as a memento of their day out.

Other fun art classes on offer at Share Discovery Village include balloon modelling, film-making and mod-roc design – each of which let young ones try something new and discover different skills and interests that they may not have tapped into before.

– Climbing

Action Packed Family Activities in Fermanagh

Reach for the sky on your next family adventure in Fermanagh by taking on a climbing wall!

Climbing is the perfect outdoor or indoor activity for kids of all ages and parents alike to get out there and conquer their fears and try something that they wouldn’t get to do on a normal day. 

Anyone can reach the top when they put their mind to it, reassured in the knowledge that they are safe and secure under the guidance of highly experienced instructors.

The Top Summer Family Activities in Fermanagh

– Water Park Adventures

Water Park at Share Discovery Village

This one is for the adrenaline junkies!

We reckon the water park at Share Discovery Village is the most exciting family adventures that Fermanagh has to offer!

Kids and parents will love taking on the many thrilling obstacles on the inflatable such as the wiggle bridge, rock slides and icebergs, to name but a few.

If your family is growing up now and you find it difficult to keep the teens entertained, then you should give a water park session a try. Activities for teenagers don’t come much more exciting than making a splash on a water park!

– Stand Up Paddleboarding

Family paddling Activities in Fermanagh

SUP is one of the coolest ways to roam the waters and explore the Lakelands!

Stand Up Paddleboarding is easy to get the hang of, gives you the ability to fit 2 or 3 people on one board and is suitable for people of any age which makes it a fantastic family activity on the water.

Share Discovery Village offers SUP as an instructor-led activity, as part of their family packages and you also have the option to hire out equipment such as stand up paddleboards and paddles so that you can go explore the Upper Lough on your own.

– Fishing

Fishing with kids

Fathers and sons love a good fishing trip and there is no better place to do that than County Fermanagh with all its beautiful lakes and running rivers that are full of pike, trout and perch.

Fishing is on the best things to do in Fermanagh during the Summer months when the weather is nice and calm so you can bring the little ones along without having them complain about the rain!

Both Upper Lough Erne and Lower Lough Erne are home to monster-sized pike and tasty trout that are a real delicious treat for those who like to bring home their catch. Other lakes such as Mill Lough in Belnaleck and Lough Melvin are very popular amongst fishermen and women.

– Camping

Family Camping in Fermanagh

Nothing screams family adventure quite like a camping trip!

There are so many beauty spots in Fermanagh’s untouched, rural locations that are great for camping with the kids, as well as many private and safe camps-sites such as Share Discovery Village’s camping grounds.

A fun way to take your camping trip in Fermanagh up a notch is to camp on one of the many islands around the county – Trannish Island (Upper Lough Erne) and Inish Davar (Lower Lough Erne) are 2 popular choices.

The health benefits that outdoor activities such as camping can provide for individuals and family can be monumental, making it not only a fun family activity in Fermanagh but also a highly beneficial one.

– Carrowhoney Pet Farm

Petting Zoo in Fermanagh

Based in Lisnaskea, Carrowhoney Pet Farm is the perfect family activity in Fermanagh for animal enthusiasts.

Amidst the 60-acre farm in the countryside, you will find a mind-boggling variety of animals from all over the world!

From Chinchillas and Llamas to Reindeer and so many different varieties of birds that you will not have known existed, you will leave Carrowhoney fascinated and with even more enthusiasm to learn about wildlife from all over the world.

– Deserted Island Glamping at Trannish Island Bothy

Glamping on Trannish Island

Trannish Island Bothy is a snug little dwelling on the island on Upper Lough Erne that was once an old farmhouse but has been rejuvenated into a wonderful glamping experience.

Are you visiting Fermanagh with your family to see top tourist attractions such as Cuilcagh Boardwalk? If so, you should make it a really unique experience by staying at Trannish Island Bothy.

This is a unique glamping option near the Stairway to Heaven that can sleep up to 12 people in the dwelling and a whole lot more on the campsite around it. A wood-burning stove, kitchen utensils, living room and much more are also included in the experience so that those who aren’t so fond of wild camping can relax and enjoy their break.

You can rent out kayaks or canoes at Share Discovery Village and paddle out to the island and spend the night with your loved ones enjoying a BBQ while relaxing in the peace and quiet that the island offers.


There is no need to travel far to find fun family activities because, as you can see, Fermanagh is full of them!

There is something for everyone – for young families and families with teens, for families who like sports and adrenaline-fuelled activities and for families who love nature.

With so much uncertainty in today’s climate around travelling and flying internationally, it’s reassuring and nice to know that there are so many activities in counties like Fermanagh where there is clear air to breathe, plenty of quiet and open spaces to distance yourself, and lot’s of safe places to stay that adhere to social-distancing guidelines.

Contact Share Discovery Village on info@sharevillage.org or fill out the below contact form if you want any more information on packages for fun family activities in Fermanagh.

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