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We understand that it can be difficult at times to find things to do with kids to keep them entertained without blowing a hole in your pocket.

It can also be even harder to find something to do that they all enjoy!

Help is at hand!

We have come up with a comprehensive list of fun activities to do with the kids that are affordable and will cover everyone’s interests and abilities.

Take a read of our guide here that includes creative arts and crafts activities that are suitable for all ages, fun land activities for everyone and thrilling water sports that will interest the older kids.

Arts & Crafts Activities for kids

Arts activities are a fantastic idea for those looking for something to do with young kids because they generally don’t have the age restrictions that come with, for example, action-packed water sports.

Check out some of our top picks:

Mod Roc

This fun and creative arts activities is one of our favourite things to do with kids with the added bonus that parents can also take part and enjoy.

You can create masterpieces of 3D art using a mixture of Plaster of Paris modelling rock, water and paint to top it all off.

Throughout the years at Share Discovery Village, we have had some wonderfully creative Mod Roc designs made by kids from stunning, fire breathing dragons to amazing sculptures of people windsurfing!

Mod Roc Dragon Design - things to do with kids

Circus Skills

Channel your inner Krusty the Klown with your kids as you take part in our super fun Circus Skills activities!

Our instructors will teach you and the children a variety of crazy skills such as Diablo, Juggling and stilt walking in what is sure to be a fun day out with the kids in Fermanagh.

You can then show off these amazing circus techniques to your mates who are sure to be impressed!

Amelia Circus Skills 2

T-Shirt Painting

Let your imagination go wild while creating a t-shirt design that you can take home to cherish!

Using fabric paints and pens of all colours of the rainbow, the kids are in for a really fun few hours with our t-shirt painting activity.

We supply a variety of t-shirts, art supplies and stencils to make a design that can be funny or a fashion statement!

T-shirt Painting

Film Making

Could there be a future Steven Spielberg in your family?

You can find out by taking part in our Film Making activity – one of the most unique activities that we offer kids and parents alike! SHARE provide a range of fun costumes and props as well as a green screen so that our budding film makers can edit their movies.

With state-of-the-art iPads and Mac editing technology, your kids will learn some interesting new skills and create a modern memento from their day out.

Kids Activity Film Making

Land Activities for kids

There is a huge selection of outdoor land activities to do with the kids at SHARE that are sure to get them using up all of their bundles of energy while having a brilliant time.

Here are some of our favourites:


Who will leave with the bragging rights for having the best shot when you take part in our archery activity?

There’s only one way to find out!

Archery  is a classic activity to do with the kids and with professional guidance on hand from our friendly instructors, you can be guaranteed to have a fun time and to hit a few bull’s eyes!

Share Discovery Village Archery - things to do with kids

Combat Corps

Our combat laser tag activity in the forest is the ideal thing to do with the kids if you have a large group.

You will all get to don your combat gear and play a variety of thrilling shooting games such as Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing during this action-packed adventure.

Who will prove to be the sniper or the master of camouflage in the group? You know what to do…

Girls preparing for Combat Corps


With Share Discovery Village being on a large 60-acre estate, there are lots of points to discover on our orienteering activity.

We offer standard orienteering for groups and also picture orienteering that is more suitable and fun for younger kids.

This is a fantastic educational activity for young people as you will learn how to read a map and communicate with each other to find certain points on our site.

Belcoo Scouts Orienteering


Do you have what it takes to take on our indoor or outdoor climbing wall?

This is the perfect idea for things to do with the kids if you are looking for an adrenaline-fuelled activity in Fermanagh as you will have to scale to heights that you have never been to before!

Our highly skilled instructors will be on hand to help you reach the top and safely abseil back down the wall.

Outdoor Wall Climbing Fermanagh

Water Activities for kids

Share Discovery Village is famous for its many, thrilling water activities! You will go a long way to find something to do with the kids that is more exciting and fun-filled than these top water sports that are suitable for complete novices to experts.

Below are some of our most popular products:

Water Park

What’s a more exciting thing to do with young ones than bouncing around on a huge inflatable water park on Upper Lough Erne with a trampoline, slides and climbing walls?

We can’t think of anything either!

Our Water Park is one of the most popular outdoor activities Fermanagh has to offer and is suitable for anyone aged 8+ and you can book out the entire Water Park exclusively for parties and events!

Irish Water Parks - Things to do with kids

Banana Boating

If you’re looking for a high paced, heart racing activity for your energetic youths, then Banana Boating will be right up your street.

Your group will be pulled around Lough Erne by a power boat while holding on to a huge inflatable banana while trying not to fall off!

Banana Boating is always a huge hit with families and groups of all ages, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Banana Boating Ireland Group Activity

Canoeing / Kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking on Lough Erne are 2 of the most popular water sports in Fermanagh and are ideal activities for kids and families.

You can gently meander around the beautiful lough and even stop off at one of the islands on your journey to explore the interesting wildlife.

Canoeing is the perfect water activity for young kids as we can raft 2 canoes together for stability, which also keeps families together while they paddle.

Kids Kayaking Fermanagh


Bring the family out on Upper Lough Erne to learn a new and exhilarating skill – windsurfing!

This exciting thing to do with kids is a brilliant combination of sailing and surfing where the board is powered by the wind across the water.

With Fermanagh having typically windy weather, this is an excellent choice of sport for our many lakes that also is a fantastic form of exercise and balance.

Windsurfing Lessons

SHARE has lots of things to do with kids

Share Discovery Village, and Fermanagh in general, has something to offer families with kids both young and old.

Whether you’re searching for a relaxed indoor activity with kids or an action-packed adventure for teenagers, you aren’t going to be disappointed.

So next time you are struggling to keep the young ones entertained at a weekend or on their holidays, pick up the phone and give us a call and we will find the ideal activity to suit you all.

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